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3d Small wonder MDI implants

offer a viable solution for patients having problems with dentures. Teeth fitted on Mini Implants are so stable that they no longer interfere with speech and patients can eat anything they desire without having to use messy adhesives.

The SMALL WONDER miniature titanium implant
is placed into your gum and acts like the root of your tooth. The head of the implant is shaped like a ball. A retaining fixture fitted into the underside of artificial teeth acts like a socket that contains a rubber O-ring. The O-ring snaps over the ball when the teeth are seated and holds the teeth in place. When seated, the teeth gently rest on the gum tissue.


MINI IMPLANT COMPARED TO A STANDARD IMPLANT: Mini implants have a reduced diameter, requiring less jaw bone for support. They can be inserted with minimum surgery, avoiding bone grafts. The titanium screw fits into bone. The head remains visible above the gum. Anchoring o-ring attachments incorporated into the underside of the Fixed Removable bridge fit over the implant head.

Fixed Removable Bridges stabilized by Immediate Loading Mini Implants have a comfortable horseshoe design. The implant heads, offer support and stability and therefore there is no need for the bulky pink acrylic structure of conventional dentures..

are a cost effective alternative
to Conventional Implants

• Where radiographic assessment reveals, that the length and width of jawbones are not sufficient to support conventional Implants
• For Patients who do not wish or are not medically fit to have conventional implant placement and bone augmentation.
• A Fixed Removable Bridge on mini implants offers an additional advantage over a conventional fixed bridge on implants -

A Non Surgical Face Lift - Restoring facial structure and aesthetics. Click here to see Non Surgical Facelift

No more painful loose dentures…….Mini Implant Therapy offers Confidence Comfort and Stability in a few simple steps:

1st Visit: Assessment and planning

2nd Visit: Implant placement and reline of old denture

3rd Visit: Fitting3rd Visit: Fitting new Fixed Removable Bridge new Fixed Removable Bridge

Designed for STABILITY.......Eat and speak with confidence

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