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Bonding quickly restores chipped or discoloured teeth. This involves the application of a thin layer of composite to your teeth adding strength and masking imperfections.


Veneers mask gaps, chips and discolouration
seamlessly and easily.

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Tooth coloured fillings preserve your existing teeth with a highly aesthetic result.
Crowns & Inlays

Crowns and inlays made of porcelain fit snugly over your teeth, restoring function and aesthetics.
Endodontics; Computerised engine driven root canal and apicectomy treatments avoid unnecessary tooth extractions.


Bridges provide an excellent fixed way of tooth replacement, filling in gaps due to missing teeth.


Scalings are necessary to keep your smile looking at its’ healthy best.
Precision Attachments
Precision attachments provide a fixed attachment between Crowns and fixed removable bridges (FRB), offering patients missing most of their teeth, a fixed replacement alternative to Implants.


Periodontics or the treatment of gum disease can prevent tooth loss and other effects of bacterial infection.

Dentures can restore beauty and functionality to patients missing most or all of their teeth. Skeletal designs and the addition of Implants or Precision attachments can make dentures more stable and comfortable.

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth, when impacted, may be surgically removed under local or general anaesthesia.
Dental Implants

Dental Implants are basically a Titanium root replacing the natural root of a tooth. Implants are useful in replacing single teeth without drilling other teeth, as well as just acting as strong anchorage to stabilize a moving denture. Dental Implants also offer fixed replacements when all teeth are missing.

Bite Appliances

Bite appliances worn during sleep, slip over the front of your teeth to relieve facial tension and headache associated with jaw clenching.



Orthodontics treatment with fixed and removable appliances (braces) or 3D Smile Align Invisible Aligners corrects tooth alignment as well as skeletal and occlusal mal-relationships.



3D GO WHITE restores natural strength and brilliance to teeth for a resulting healthier brighter smile
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Non Surgical

Non Surgical Facelift works by re-building and replacing missing and worn teeth, restoring skeletal integrity and muscle tone. Cosmetic Surgeons think of the face in terms of a triangle. In youth the base of the triangle is formed by the cheeks, the point is at the chin. As we get older the base of the triangle moves down to the chin and the tip goes upwards towards the nose. A non surgical facelift will reverse the triangle to its original orientation.

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